Best Medical Opinion, Anywhere.

If you or a loved one are facing restlesness because you have to deal with a difficult medical issue or treatment decision, having a second opinion can provide peace of mind.

OpinionPlus is a platform that connects patients with the most highly skilled physicians in the world using an intuitive health app and makes getting a second opinion simple and fast.

A Trustworthy Second Opinion.

Through the app a highly skilled physician evaluates, and reviews any previous medical information shared by the patient, and assesses the case to give an opinion towards a more accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

OpinionPlus brings comfort and reassurance to you and your family by allowing you to obtain a trustworthy second opinion, regardless of where you are.

Highly Skilled Physicians in the Following Specialties

What can you do with OpinionPlus?

Access clinical content, read and encourage your family members to read about various different medical conditions.

Seek an opinion by providing current medical information such as past history, current medications and relevant test results.

After reviewing the patient's information, a highly skilled physician will recommend, when necessary, further evaluations or visits to other specialists and will provide further opinion on the treatment.

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What patients are saying about OpinionPlus

“You made it so simple and easy for getting 2nd opinion. Getting expert opinion without any strings attached is always a challenge. But OpinionPlus helped me getting a 2nd opinion without having to worry about anything. Thank you guys!”

Jhonathon doe

“Wow. I couldn’t have been happier. My wife had a broken Tabia and Fabia. I was worried about how long the recovery would take. OpinionPlus doctor answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. Thanks for connecting us with doctors worldwide. Thanks!”

Jon Raffeul

I am so glad I could count on OpinionPlus and the doctors out their. Thanks for your help with my mother-in-law health problem. The advice given by the Doctor helped us gain insights into the problem and reassure family by giving confidence. It was much needed!


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