About Opinion Plus

What is OpinionPlus?

OpinionPlus is a platform that connects patients with the most highly skilled physicians in the world using an intuitive mobile app and makes getting a second opinion simple and fast.

A physician evaluates, and reviews any previous medical information shared by the patient, and assesses the case to help define if any further steps are needed to get an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

OpinionPlus selects highly skilled physicians who are ready to evaluate medical information and diagnoses. In this way the patient will feel confident that they are getting the right treatment at the right time.

Our mission

Enable individuals and families to receive healthcare opinions from physicians across the world using evidence-based medicines. Enable users to seek better healthcare through unbiased opinions. Allow physicians to practice their craft with a mobile centric solution.

Our vision

OpinionPlus aims to build a network of physicians worldwide to provide medical opinions using a mobile-centric solution. OpinionPlus aims to improve the quality of life, and avoids distorted micro- judgement across the globe.

Core Team

The team comprise a combined healthcare industry experience dealing with patients and doctors in the hospital. They have been instrumental in developing and refining various workflow that directly enhanced patient satisfaction and clinical users appreciation in various hospital settings.

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